Edinburgh, Scotland

What a treat I experienced getting to go to my homeland of Scotland this summer (apparently I could have gotten into several places for free because my last name is Scott haha). I found SO many gluten free options, it made for an easy and delightful trip.

First off, I was lucky to share a few emails with the gal who started the  http://glutenfreeedinburgh.com/. This is what she said:

“Hi Dallas

Edinburgh is a great city for gluten free products.  You will find that most shops such as Sainsburys, Tescos, Waitrose and the Co-op have a ‘free from’ section and within that you will find some good brands: Nairns do good GF oatcakes and porridge, a brilliant company called Genius makes very good breads, cakes etc, and these shops also have own-brand Free From goods.  The UK is very coeliac and gluten intolerant aware.
In the middle of town you will find GF in these supermarkets (there is a Sainsbury on Rose Street and a Co-op on Frederick Street) and in two other shops: Real Foods (on Broughton Street) and Earthy (Cannonmills).   So you will have no trouble finding options.”
We were lucky in that our rental flat was directly on the Royal Mile, and right across the street I found my first lunch in Edinburgh through pure luck because I saw the sign I took a picture of below. I enjoyed a yummy Scottish salmon sandwich at The Deacons House Cafe. It was in the most touristy area of town, so a bit pricy but totally worth it.
The next day while walking around looking for a place for drinks and dinner, we happened to literally just walk by Earthy Foods & Goods, a cute little organic market and café which I had been planning on visiting anyways! I found the best gluten free bread I’ve ever had there, Findlaters “Tiger Bloomer” and ended up stopping by 4 times during the week and a half long trip to stock up.
We also found an adorable café a 15 minute walk away from us called Leo’s Beanery, where they serve up a mouth watering Lox eggs benedict on a gluten free english muffin. It was moist, smothered in hollandaise, and had salty, unsmoked british style house made bacon on the side. On top of that the cappuccino I ordered was divine. Needless to say I was in heaven! (P.S. That’s me with my reusable canvas shopping tote I bought from Earthy, haha)
We stopped at all the shops my fellow gluten free foodie recommended above and had cookies, crackers, meats and charcuteries with gf beers and ciders galore. I can’t wait to go back! I hope if you’ve found this post, you will have a great gluten free time in Edinburgh too.
Until next time,
-The Gluten Free Traveler

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