Marrakech, Morocco

P1060877I took a break to finish my degree…one B.S. in Anthropology and a 200 hour Yoga teacher training later, I am back and ready to blog!

P1060815The food in Morocco last summer was delightful. The Tea! Oh the spicy, sweet, strong tea was glorious! Avocado ice cream, date ice cream, tagines, roasted melt in your mouth meats galore, grilled marinated eggplant…lamb brains. Okay the lamb brains were actually one of the grossest tasting things I have ever let in my mouth. It tasted like rotting fish melting like pure fat globs in my mouth.P1060809 My favorite thing of the whole trip were steaming hot black snails: Nostril clearing and slightly tear evoking with black pepper in beef stock ending with a hint of lemony citrus. These guys were a bit rubbery with an earthy taste, and I loved every minute of it.P1060805

What is amazing is that every single night in the middle of Marrakech near the old city, stands come out of nowhere and dinner is served. Literally, an entire dining center erects itself and comes alive with smells, sounds, tastes, colors and plumes of cooking smoke.

The downside was the extreme harassment I received while walking alone in this square. I quickly made friends with a Canadian couple and spent the night in the desert on a mini camel safari. Below is a slideshow of some more pictures to enjoy!

Until next time,

– Dallas aka The Gluten Free TravelerP1060963



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2 thoughts on “Marrakech, Morocco

  1. I loved Marrakech, Dallas, but can see how easily the harassment would get old fast. The food, however, was amazing. No lamb brains were offered to me, but I had my share of goat testicles… It was great to meet you the other night at Brix. If you get yo Tucson, let me know! David

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