Five Reasons to Swap Your Window Seat for the Aisle

I asked for an aisle seat, yet here I am staring out the window on my Delta Flight. Thank goodness I brought “the kit,” a small oriental bag from China Town in Los Angeles. Stuffed inside lies an eye mask, one set of earplugs, and headphones. I guess after 40+ flights in your life you would be in favor of actually being comfortable during your entire mile high journey.

As a tall person I offer my five reasons as to why swapping that window seat of yours for the aisle is a good idea. And as far as that scene goes in Adams Sandler’s “The Wedding Singer,” of the soon to be Julia Gulia repeatedly getting knocked in the elbows by the drink cart- I have never had that happen.

Here we go:

1. More leg room in the aisle seats.
2. You can’t see fully the movie screen from the window seat
3. There aren’t two extra people between you and the toilet when you’ve got explosive diarrhea.
4. Closer to the emergency exits, less people to push out of your way during that crash landing.
5. It gets cold by the window when it’s -59oF outside.

There you go, now start swappin’

Until next time,

The Gluten Free Traveler

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