Island of Gran Canaria – Spain

P1060638Stepping off the unbearable and unbeatably priced RyanAir airplane (which offers a gluten free Tikka Masala meal btw),I hit a wall of heat and the “Kalyma” that had also just landed on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. This little archipelago is geographically located along the African continent, but belongs to the country of Spain. Yellow clouds carrying sand over from Saharia blew a hot overcast wind with sprinklings of rain upon us all.

P1060631Just three euros, a rented bike, two hours of hills, views of the oceans with gusts of flowers in the wind, and 3 years of high school Spanish classes coming back in flashes I arrived at Simple Dulcely.

A 100 % gluten free bakery making fresh, fluffy, crusty bread along with pastries for sale daily!


Awww yeah.

Everything had a tropical, fruity flare to it and the shop sold Dr. Schär products beyond any one heart’s desire. Conveniently located across the street was a little market which sliced me some fresh pieces off the hugest log of chorizo I’ve ever seen. Sweet, salty and spiced this was a bit oilier than other chorizos I have tried, but still melted in my mouth alongside a tart, aged, creamy piece of manchego.

I sat overlooking the city, which overlooks the ocean as the hot wind howled in the sunshine. Eating at the top of a post shield phase volcano, I even had the pleaser of meeting the real prosciutto fresh off the cured hock!


To my everlasting shame, I, Dallas Scott, ate a McDonalds hamburger on a McDonalds gluten free bun- which is in fact sold in every location throughout Spain. It tasted exactly like, well, the coveted McDonalds hamburger from my childhood.P1060686

The rest of the trip was a breeze as the local dishes offered plenty from the sea to feast upon!

There is a slideshow below for more pictures.


Simple Ducely

Agustina de Aragón, 73 – 35012 –
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Tel: 928.251.981

Hours: Monday-Fri 10am-2pm reopening at 4:30-10:30. Saturday 10-2. Closed Sundays.

Positively yours,

The Gluten Free Traveler

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5 thoughts on “Island of Gran Canaria – Spain

  1. Hey there! Throw back from last year, I like it. The gf burger made me giggle. I’ve got a bakery next to me that sells a, I believe, amaranth and kamut (not gf oops) flour bread that is super yummy and other breads without wheat. I like to think it’s at least better than just plain wheat bread. Hope you are well!!

    1. Hi, the address is

      Agustina de Aragón, 73 – 35012 –
      Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

      Tel: 928.251.981

      Hours: Monday-Fri 10am-2pm reopening from 4:30pm-10:30pm. Saturday 10-2. Closed Sundays.



  2. If you are in Spain, look for Mercadona (markets, supermarkets), they are almost everywhere, and have plenty of gluten free products, with good prices. The owners daughter is celiac, so he is quite concerned (of course is good business too).

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