La Cocina – Tucson, Az

20130106-105719.jpgLa Cocina opened up in 2011 on a cute artisan shop block in downtown Tucson, Arizona. Lucky for me one of the owners, Mrs Allie Baron, was there to recommend the gluten free French toast. Everything on the menu is signified to its allergy or vegan friendliness, even offering an option of gf bread for the delightful sandwich offerings to lay upon.

20130105-200025.jpgAfter my friend Miranda and I had a round of Bloody Mary’s, I was served extremely thick cut French toast by the lovely bartender Elizabeth. A brioche style bread fried with a side of raspberry spread, sweet and dense with sliced ripe cantaloupe decorating the plate.


I love this place, they even have mouthwatering tacos fresh from the grill outside during night time events. Smokey, salty, hint of paprika and chili pinto bean and guacamole tacos atop freshly grill steamed corn tortillas topped with crispy, sweet, cooling shredded cabbage and cilantro.

Something I really enjoyed was the selection of house infused liquors, like hibiscus tequila and ginger vodka. I found my new favorite drink, ginger vodka with ginger mash, soda and lime.20130105-200841.jpg


Check them out at:

La Cocina at Old Town Artisans
201 North Court Avenue
Tucson, AZ

Tel: 520.622.0351

Monday: 11am – 3pm
Tuesday-Friday: 11am -10pm
Saturday: 9am-10pm
Sunday: 9am-3pm
Brunch: Sat and Sun 9am-3pm


Positively yours,

The Gluten Free Traveler

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