Prague – Czech Republic and restaurant Na Zlaté křižovatce

PRAGUE IS AMAZING, the city is gorgeous!  Sorry this post comes a little late my camera took some time off after it had too many ‘shots’, and hit the ground during a night of  pub crawling in the city center, ( “the act of one or more people drinking in multiple bars in a single night, normally walking or busing to each one between drinking”)

Probably the most famous attraction is the Astronomical clock where skeletons pop out every hour. The maker was blinded so he could never make something so beautiful ever again and died later by hanging inside the clock..another dark aspect of Pragues bloody history we were taught on our free tour through the city. And yes, the lady with the umbrella was our leader, I mean free tour guide.

The most mouth important part of the trip was the street food! Gluten Free Prague wasn’t too hard. Mustard marinated chicken skewers grilled over an open fire, goulash soup, sweet candied almonds. It was in the center of the city that I discovered  a new addiction at only 200 czech koruna for 50 grams….roasted chestnuts!

Absolutely delicious and aromatic, like a cross between a nut and a sweet potato you must eat them while still hot to truly enjoy the high sugar starch content that melts when tongue meets nut. TIP: Do not eat the shell! The infamous friend of ours Geoff decided to try one after the rave reviews I was ranting. I look over upon hearing “BLAHGH THIS IS DISGUSTING DALLAS!!!” seeing fragments of the dark very bitter shell and golden chestnut meat shoot at high speed from him mouth onto the sidewalk.

Later in the trip I found this super cheese stand, check out that variety pack. The green one was horseradish flavor and it was so intense my nostrils were almost warmed after the nose hairs had frozen from the cold weather outside.

This place is so rich in culture, history architecture, old mixed with new.. it was covered in street art as you can see in the old fallen head picture (note: taken shortly before camera fell to its doom) I still question how old that head was.

The grand finale was a stop for dinner at Na Zlaté křižovatce, a totally gluten free restaurant  with traditional Czech food that was pretty delightful. I ordered a gluten free beer which arrived at my table accompanied by moist house made bread,  followed by a bowl of savory beef and vegetable soup. The waiter recommended I try their most popular dish of beef and dumplings in gravy with cranberry sauce. The dumplings were actually slices of gf bread that were slightly sour and appeared to have been boiled before being sliced creating a dumpling like consistency. Dessert was my favorite course, (no surprise): an cinnamon apple strudel with jelly cubes and whipped cream. I was hoping it would be flaky but appeared to be more of a crepe wrapped around sliced apples with raisins inside that added a nice burst of flavor when bit into. You can see the pictures of each dish here: 

I had a great time over the weekend with some funny fellow participants from my program and will never forget the epic trip that will forever bring laughter and memories with that one syllable, Prague.

While I didn’t personally go to these here are some links to other gluten free options in Praha, Czechoslovakia -offers gluten free Sunday brunch

Positively yours,

The Gluten Free Traveler

2 thoughts on “Prague – Czech Republic and restaurant Na Zlaté křižovatce

  1. Excellent recommendations but unfortunately Na Zlaté krizovatce closed in January 2014. Try as it is a vegan restaurant that marks its meals with GF if they are gluten free.
    Jason (

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