Paris France has a new gluten free bakery: Welcome Helmut Newcake!

It turns out the exact day I arrived in Paris for a 3 days mini vacation on the 27th of December, Helmut Newcake, a gluten free pastry shop opened!! I am SO sad I didn’t find this out sooner, but now I have another reason to go back to the city of lights! In other news Des Si et Des Mets and Biosphare both have shut their gluten free doors to business. My best wishes to this new Bakery/Cafe located at:

36 Rue Bichat
75010 Paris
Neighborhood: 10ème arrondissement

Open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 9pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm.

Price range is from € 1.40 for pastries and from € 7.50 for the daily specials.

There is no website as of yet, but they do have a facebook (in French) :

here is another link to a gluten free restaurant guide in French with more info.

If you need this or any other site translated I suggest going to, where you can copy/paste the URL link in the box on the left and it will create a link in the box on the right hand side to the translated webpage you want into your chosen language!

Until next time,

The Gluten Free Traveler

3 thoughts on “Paris France has a new gluten free bakery: Welcome Helmut Newcake!

  1. thank you very much for this little ad 😉
    just to let you know that our name is helmut newcake not helmet newcake… but no worries.
    for all english speakers, we do speak english and you can ask any informations you’ll like throught the facebook page, expecting the website soon!!
    hope to see you again in your next trip
    kind regards

  2. I had lunch at Helmut Newcake on April 19 2014 with my daughter and grand daughter. Lemon tarts were delicious. Bread and other cakes were very disappointing. Burgers we had for lunch were awful – served raw, not just rare. “Fries” were disgusting. Whole place – and our clothes afterwards smelled of burnt fat. In a very out-of-the-way area, but gentleman at the counter had “too much to do” to call us a taxi, even though we had just spent 97 euros. Definitely not worth the effort to get there.

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