Nice Matin – New York, New York

K. Segal and I caught word of a french restaurant with gluten free options called Nice Matin. Upon entering it was apparent that the hosts at the door didn’t know too much about that option. I was caught into a whirl of confusion with one menu in my hands, then another, then an order, then another…ending with a lukewarm turkey, bacon and arugula mozzarella melt delivered to my table upon an undercooked, yet burnt gluten free bun. I would have rather ordered off of the normal menu and asked for large leaves of lettuce for with which to eat my otherwise semi-tasty treat. Needless to say I was not impressed, especially when I asked them to reheat it for me because I didn’t like cold rubbery mozzarella and it was delivered back to my table by a what my new gf friend Opal would call “mean muggin'” chef without a single word. C’etait ne pas une nice ou bonne matin.

The idea and menu choices were good but the execution was poor. I’d be willing to go back only if I was starving near death by their location at:
201 West 79 Street
New York, NY 10024-6200
(212) 873-6423

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