BIOSPHÄRE- Paris, France

update: Biosphäre has closed 😦


As I walked my way down to 57, rue Saint Maure in the 11th arrondissement of Paris I trembled with excitement. The very first store I’d ever go to that was completely and totally free of gluten came into sight with a giant yellow door painted with the BIOSPHÄRE logo.. oh joy!

My heart sank as I tried to open the door and, WHAT IS THIS!? It was locked! I came during the posted business hours! I could have cried! I lingered another minute or so and was about to retreat just as I saw a tall handsome fellow walking fervently towards me on the street, quickening his pace as he looked at me knowing what I wanted, needed, lived for: the key in his hand to open that golden treasure chest to let the gluten free rainbows and bunnies spring forth from this amazing store into my, ahem reusable eco friendly chico bag 😉 Once inside, the air hit me with a comforting hint of earth, spices and hippie soap. mmM my favorite [really, it is].

The quick paced man turned out to be the very nice, softspoken and comfortingly quirky owner named Frederic Slovenia. He has had his shop open for about four years and said that its hard work, but necessary (obv!). The homey place was stocked with numerous kinds of cookies, pastas, grains, organic produce and refrigerated items like the pie dough I bought. He even told me that this was the only place to get GOOD gluten free brewskies, and lemme tell you people good gf beer IS hard to come by.

He gave me a delectable chewy organic guava candy and chatted about the state of gluten free food in paris. He even e-mailed me a list of his top choices for gf food as follows:


végétarien, bio, sans gluten +++
41 rue des Bourdonnais
75001 Paris
Tél. : 01 40 41 93 95

végétarien, bio, sans gluten +++, résa recommandée
22 rue Rambuteau
75003 Paris
Tél. : 01 42 74 24 66

végétarien, macrobio, sans gluten ++
9 rue de la Cerisaie
75004 Paris
Tél. : 01 40 27 04 95

végétarien, bio, sans gluten +++
72 rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris
Tél. : 01 43 29 58 54

végétarien, bio, sans gluten +++
20 rue de la Pierre levée
75011 Paris
Tél. : 01 48 06 33 02

végétarien, sans gluten +
92 rue du Chemin vert
75011 Paris
Tél. : 01 43 55 83 88

Plus d’adresse de restaurants végétariens sur :

Et aussi :

non végétarien, bio, sans gluten ++
10. rue de l’Echiquier
75010 Paris
Tel : 01 48 24 38 68

non végétarien, bio, sans gluten ++++
63 rue Lepic
75018 Paris
Tél. : 01 42 55 19 61

To sum it up I fell in love in more ways than one, I made an amazing tarte aux tomates with the flaky, buttery pie dough I bought and know where I will forever shop whilst strolling the streets in France. Thanks again Fred!

Epicerie bio, végétarienne & sans gluten
57, rue Saint Maur 75011 Paris
tel/fax : 01 48 06 08 81 – M° Rue Saint Maur
Mardi au vendredi 9h30 – 13h & 14h30 – 19h30
Lundi 14h30 – 19h30 / Samedi 9h30 – 13h

7 thoughts on “BIOSPHÄRE- Paris, France

  1. We just ate at Saveurs Veget’Halles and either the full meal (including side dishes) in fact had gluten — it was served with a basket of bread, after all — or their kitchen/management is NOT celiac-friendly and prone to severe contamination! We made sure to ask and get confirmation for our order, but that did not stop my beloved celiac to fall ill… before we even got the check!

  2. This is great. Thank you so much for this great list!
    I will be in Paris in a months time and was getting very worried about what I’ll be able to eat.
    Can’t thank you enough!

  3. My husband and I spent two days in Paris just before Christmas. I very much appreciated all this information! Let me return the favor with an update. I had seen somewhere else online that the Si et Des Mets restaurant had closed, so we didn’t go there. But we did head for the Biosphare–only to find it is now a Tattoo/ body-piercing parlor! (Apparently the changeover happened last summer.) However, we had a lovely lunch at the Potager du Marais. Thanks again!

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