Antwerp, Belgium

Last week, my friend Katy and I hitchhiked from Antwerp to Paris, and it would not have been possible had we not stopped in to eat at Lombardia located at Lombardenvest 78, 2000 in the hip quarter latin of Antwerpen.

We were wisped into a tornado of adoringly bright green, yellow and fushia pink ready to fall down the rabbit hole and into the amazing chicken sandwich we ordered off the menu almost as large as myself (I’m six feet tall by the way).

Slightly sweet, slightly spicy and reminiscent of Mae Ploy chili sauce, it was served on mouthwatering house made gluten free raisin nut bread that crunched seductively with each bite. The presentation sparkled as did the sprouts on top- a delightful deep shade of purple. Definitely the best thing I’ve eaten in Europe so far!

This was washed down of course with the famous Ginger Love Tea, a tartly sweet, incredibly addicting concoction of the named above topped with something I only find in my dreams. You know, the ones where I’m swimming naked in a sea of ginger foam.

Our wonderful host Alain brought me not one but TWO gluten free cookies of his own recipe, showed me how to work the futuristic rotating rack beholding the gluten free items for sale (this is the point where I discovered Schar products “Frollini” shortbread cookies to die for) and offered us a piece of cardboard and a bright pink paint pen upon which to make our plea for a ride reading “Paris.” Thanks again Alain, highly recommended and we’ll definitely be back!

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